Research and Design

Wheel Improvement

Quanshun company focus on design and produce the wheels with the new styles. The development team will be design 3-5 new wheels according to different market preferences every month. More than 50 appearances were improved in the first half of 2015. Quanshun also supports the products customization/design/production at the same time.

Wheel Customization

Quanshun company is good at the improve and design of the new wheels. The products contain scooter/self balance wheel scooter/electric bicycle/motorcycle/automobile wheel which diameter is less than 480mm.Our factory provides 3D drawing design and proposal modification. After that, we will imitate and examine the drawing and then open the molds and release the samples.The samples will be delivered to our customers for test and mass productions after it.

Customize LOGO

For opening mold, our factory support customize Logo. The customized product is not for sale to other customers, under such circumstances, the maximum extent can protect our customers’ rights and interests.