Company Profile

Taizhou Quanshun Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd is located in Luqiao district, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, east well-developed China. We are a leading manufacturer for aluminum alloy wheel rims of E-scooter in China. After 14 years of endeavor in the field of aluminum alloy wheel rims industry, Quanshun has established strong brand recognition in the aluminum wheel markets. Now, Taizhou Quanshun is a supplier of Bosch (Germany).



Quanshun focuses on quality control and quality improvement: 

1. The quality management is a direct responsibility of the General Manager; Quanshun has set up the quality inspection department and the inspection and testing center to ensure the authority and the uniqueness of quality control.

2. The testing machineries keep the wheel rim’s quality steady. Quanshun has a series of testing equipments: spectroanalysis instrument, hardness tester, impact testing machine etc, which guarantee the superior quality of the process from aluminum material to end products.

3. T6 heat treating line improves the quality of aluminum wheel rim to a great extent comparing with other E-scooter wheel rim manufacturers. 

4. 6S Management improves factory environment, staff quality and production safety.


Quanshun focuses on to be a Low-Cost Manufacturer

Quanshun is developing as a low-cost manufacturer due to the competitive environment in aluminum wheel manufacturers, continuously seeking to reduce 

waste and to empolder cost-efficient products and processes. 

1.Quanshun improves the producing process and reduces unnecessary process constantly.

2. Managers also work at the front line with other staffs.

3. Quanshun updates equipment constantly, e.g.: installing line cleaning technology to improve operation efficiency and reduce labor cost. 


Quanshun's growing relies on customer satisfaction 

Quanshun maximizes continuous improvement of quality, technology, innovation, safety as well as customer service.

1. Reply your inquiry within 12 working hours.

2. Provide you customized design of aluminum wheel. 

3. Provide you the first-class product with excellent quality and suitable price.  

4. Well-trained engineers and staffs provide you professional solutions.

5. Special discount and regional sales protection are provided to our distributors.


Quanshun staff

Quanshun has Right staff - professionally trained and talented at all levels of the factory. Quanshun is committed to nurturing staff’s energy and ideas. 

Open communication, strong teamwork and individual responsibility leads to a can-do group at Quanshun.


Quanshun’s vision

Meet the Challenge and Never Compromise

Customer Supreme, Quality First, Continuous Innovation


Quanshun’s history

In 2001, “Sanjiang Die-casting Factory Co.,Ltd” was founded.

In 2002, started to produce motorcycle aluminum wheel rims.

In 2003, started to produce E-scooter/bike aluminum wheel rims.

In 2003, renamed to “Taizhou Quanshun Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd”

In 2007, started a new factory named “Taizhou Quanshun Vehicle Accessories Co. Ltd” which focuses on the production of E-scooter aluminum wheel rims.

Now, Taizhou Quanshun is a leading manufacturer for aluminum alloy wheel rims of E-scooter in China; Quanshun starts to develop international market 

and is looking forward to build long-term and mutual profitable cooperation with friends all over the world.