Production Process

Material and Casting

Quanshun company owns more than 40 sets large/medium-sized low-pressure/high-pressure die casting machines. We always use Raw materials A356 aluminum which provided by the domestic leading first-class large state-owned enterprise, strictly accordance with the national standard for aluminum alloy smelting, quality and reliability. Cast or die casting technology are available, the wheel were manufactured in accordance with the car wheel rim standards, the overall performance of wheel rim(bicycle/scooter/motorcycle wheel) keep up with car wheel after with T6 heat treatment

Roughing and Coating

blast and paint the semi-finished products. The spray painted color are rich diversity. We could customize the colorful wheel according to the customers’ requirements.

Finishing and Testing

Quanshun company has the advanced production lines which could produced 5 millions aluminum wheel. Quanshun also has more than 100 CNC machine tools and a number of high-quality researchers and administrators. Every piece of wheel is strictly make accordance with the drawings and test by high standard rules. The finished products will be cleaned and inspected the appearances and sizes. The dynamic equilibrium and deflection degree are the deciding factors to determine if the wheel will be pull to one side and sway during the the driving.